"I'm Jonathan Pincas, a small business owner doing things differently. This website is where I document my journey trying to create a liberating, 'work-anywhere' lifestyle through location-independent, small online business. Other crap also gets documented."

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The Selfish Consumer

Why does a person who has 10 minutes of familiarity with my business believe that they are equipped to expense advice to someone who has 10 years of experience? In the world of the consumer, logic has no place. Statistics, probabilities, risk, cost, benefit, profit. Quite rightly, consumers don’t give a shit about these concepts. Only emotion is at work here. And unfortunately for us, the dominant emotion is selfishness.

3 Simple Steps to Fantastic Wealth

Set up a portal (website/magazine/shop etc.) offering a product or service. Once you have no more products or services to offer, allow others to offer their product or service through your portal. When nobody else wants to offer their product or service through your portal, sell advertising which sends customers to their portals.

Why you shouldn’t give your customers credit (and it’s got nothing to do with not getting paid)

In my experience, the worst thing about giving customers credit is not the endlessly mounting Accounts Receivable ledger, it’s the fact that it almost always ends in tears.

Useful Tools and Apps for Remote & Flexi-Staff

Considering the internet is an ever-growing marketplace, more and more people are now working remotely.

5 Top Tips For Securing Business Data

In the modern world, many people or businesses have become victims of data security breaches. Companies must be wary of how they store or discard sensitive data or paperwork. There are numerous simple techniques that would aid this cause.