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Why You Should Seriously Consider Not Taking Telephone Orders

Time, in business, is money. Is the cost of taking telephone orders really worth it?

Specialisation Fallacy

Whilst generalisation is one of those crimes of reasoning with which we all get familiar from a young age, its opposite concept, specialisation or particularisation, is most often overlooked and it’s something we’re all guilty of to a greater or lesser extent.

The Selfish Consumer

Why does a person who has 10 minutes of familiarity with my business believe that they are equipped to expense advice to someone who has 10 years of experience?

3 Simple Steps to Fantastic Wealth

Set up a portal (website/magazine/shop etc.) offering a product or service. Once you have no more products or services to offer, allow others to offer their product or service through your portal. When nobody else wants to offer their product or service through your portal, sell advertising which sends customers to their portals.

Why you shouldn’t give your customers credit (and it’s got nothing to do with not getting paid)

In my experience, the worst thing about giving customers credit is not the endlessly mounting Accounts Receivable ledger, it’s the fact that it almost always ends in tears.